National Institute for Dementia Education

Design Review & Training

The interior environment has a profound impact on the person living with dementia. Looking at both the home environment and the public realm, our NIDE Dementia: Design Review and Training explores different aspects of detailed interior design and how to create successful schemes that are truly inclusive to people with dementia.

Senior in the Home

NIDE offers training in environmental design and dementia:

  1. Identify the common causes of dementia
  2. Explore and discuss the impact of interior environments upon people with dementia
  3. Describe the principles of dementia friendly interior design
  4. List dementia friendly finishes
  5. Describe and explore the concept of homeliness and how to achieve it
  6. Discuss how to make public spaces dementia friendly
  7. Identify a multi-faceted approach to way finding

Who would benefit the most:

  1. Architects
  2. Interior Designers
  3. Product designers and developers
  4. Care home managers
  5. Anyone involved in specifying and designing interiors

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